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Dr. Elke Van den Steen

Elke Sint Jan
Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine


Voorste kruisbandletsels bij de vrouwelijke atleet

Korte CV

Dr. Elke Van den Steen is currently serving as a specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at St. John’s Hospital in Bruges, Belgium. She pursued a postgraduate course in Sports Medicine and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at Aspetar Sports Hospital in Qatar.

From the outset of her career, she has been actively engaged with both female and male football players at the elite club level. Since 2005, Dr. Van den Steen has been fulfilling the role of a physician for the Royal Belgian Football Association, catering to WU 17, U19, and Beach Soccer. Furthermore, since 2009, she has been associated as a physician with the National Belgian Women's Football Team.

Dr. Van den Steen became a member of the medical committee of UEFA in 2019, focusing on medical issues specific to female football players. As of 2023, she holds the position of chair of the Women’s Health Expert Panel.

She is also vice chairwoman of the Belgian Football Doctor and Associates (BFDA)