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Prof. Dr. Koen Verstraete

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Beeldvorming in (top)sport : van oud naar jong

Korte CV

Verstraete Koenraad, Luc; Born in Bruges, Belgium on June 30, 1961. 

G. Hoogleraar Radiologie UGent

- Primary and secondary education (Latin-Greek and Latin-Sciences) at the Saint-Louis College in Bruges, Belgium.

- Studies of Medicine at the Ghent University (Gent, Belgium).

- Promotion to physician (Medical Doctor M. D.) in June 1987 with Great Distinction.

Subject of promotional thesis: Secondary pulmonary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy / Pierre-Marie-Bamberger disease)

- Post-graduate training in Radiology and Medical Imaging at the Ghent University Hospital, Gent, Belgium (Dir. Prof. Dr. E. Van de Velde) from August 1987 to August 1991.

- Promotion to radiologist in August 1991.

- Full-time post-graduate training in Magnetic Resonance Imaging from August 1991 till February 1992 at the Ghent University Hospital.

- Special postgraduate training in Magnetic Resonance at the Radiologische Klinik der Universitat Munchen (Dir. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. J Lissner) (October 1991).

- Postgraduate fellowship (Diagnostic imaging of bone and soft-tissue tumors) at the Department of Radiology and Magnetic Resonance at the University Hospital of Leiden (Leiden; The Netherlands; Dir. Prof. Dr. J.L. Bloem) from January to April 1994.

- Promotion to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Radiology and Medical Imaging at the Faculty of Medicine (Ghent University, Belgium) in November 1994.

Subject of promotional thesis: "Dynamic contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging of tumor- and tumorlike lesions of the musculoskeletal system"

- Full-time radiologist at the Ghent University Hospital since August 1991 (conventional radiology, Ultrasound, CT and MRI) – main subspeciality: musculo-skeletal / osteo-articular radiology.

- Research topics : osteo-articular imaging (tumors, cartilage, joints, bone marrow, perfusion, drug efficacy, …); radiation protection; contrast media; MR safety; molecular imaging

- Professor of Radiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the Ghent University since Oct 1, 1997.

- Academic Chief of the Dept. of Radiology and Medical Imaging at the Ghent University Hospital, Gent, Belgium since April 1, 2001.

- Course director for training of 30 radiologists-in-training (Master-after-Master diploma) UZ-Gent – UGent since 2001

- Management training at Vlerick Management School (2000-2001)

- Author and co-author of 340 publications, with 189 peer reviewed articles in international journals (Radiology, AJR, JMRI, MRI, Acta Radiologica, Eur Radiol, Eur J Radiol, Radiol Clin North Am, Neuroradiol, Clin Radiol, Semin Musculoskeletal radiol …)

- Author and co-author of 95 abstracts for congresses (RSNA, ARRS, ECR, ESR, Eur Soc Skelet Radiol, ISMRM, …)

- Author and co-author of 19 Book chapters, 35 miscellaneous articles and Scientific H-Index (2013) = 22

- Invited speaker at ISMRM, ESSR, Brit Soc Skel Radiol, Eur Congress of Radiology (ECR), Erasmus MRI courses, ESMRMB School of MRI, ESOR (European School of Radiology, … (> 60 refresher courses)

- Principal investigator in 5 phase II –III Clinical trials; Co-investigator in >400 phase III clinical trials

- training RECIST and GCP

- Member of radiology panel of EURAMOS (European and American Osteosarcoma Study group) (2004)

- Expert in medico-legal aspects of osteo-articular radiology

- Referee for the journals: 'Eur J of Radiology' and ‘Eur Radiology’, Skeletal Radiology, ‘Clinical Radiology’, JBR-BTR, …

- Member of the 'Scientific Board' and referee for the journal: “European Journal of Radiology” (2004-2012) and "Radiological Documents"2001- current)

- Member of the organizing committee of the European Congress of Radiology (Vienna 2002 and 2003) – subcommittee: Musculoskeletal radiology

- Congress President of the 13 th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Skeletal Radiology (ESSR), June 9-10, 2006, Bruges, Belgium. Vice-president of ESSR 2009-2010.

- President of the ESSR (European Society of Musculo-Skeletal Radiology) 2010-2011-2012

- Member of Scientific Societies: ESR, ESSR, ISS, Royal Belgian Radiol Soc., …

- Former Member of Board of Education Committee of ESR (European Society of Radiology) and co-founder of the

subcommittee on undergraduate teaching in Europe (ESR)

- Former Member of Board and PastTreasurer of Radiology Section of UEMS (European Union Medical Specialists) (since March 07)

- Member of Consilium Radiologicum (2004-2011) and College Radiologie (2004 – current) (FGov)

- Past-President and former member of “Erkenningscommissie Radiologie” (Recognition Board of Radiology) (FGov) 2001-2017

340 Publications until October 29 2018 https://biblio.ugent.be/person...