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MD Pieter D’Hooghe

Pieter Hooghe
Aspetar- Qatar Orthopaedic Medicine


Ankle injuries in Football: from the lab- over the OR- towards the pitch again

Short CV

Pieter D’Hooghe is Assistant Chief of Surgery (Research) at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Aspetar Hospital, Qatar. As an orthopaedic surgeon, he specializes in arthroscopic surgery of the ankle and foot, knee, and hip. He holds a Master in Sportsmedicine and Tropical Medicine and has an MBA on Leadership and Sportsmanagement.

As Chairman of the ISAKOS Leg, Ankle, and Foot Committee he heads an international group of experts in the field, and as FIFA F-MARC Board Member and Instructor he is also involved in research (400+ articles, +10 books, + 35 book chapters ), injury prevention, delivering lectures worldwide, publishing peer-reviewed articles and assisting in PCMA projects.


. President ISAKOS Leg-Ankle-Foot Committee

- Board member ESSKA Program Committee

. Author of the book :  The ankle In Football – 2016


  •   Medical doctor (2001, KU Leuven University )
  •    Orthopaedic Surgeon ( 2007, KU Leuven University )
  •   Master in Tropical Medicine (2002, KU Leuven University )
  •   Master in Sports Medicine ( 2005, KU Leuven University )
  •   Certificate in Leadership and Management in High performance teams  ( 2016, Madrid University )
  •  MBA in Leadership and Sportmanagement  ( 2016-2017, University Europeana de Madrid )
  •  Assistant Chief of Surgery ( Research ) Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sportsmedicine Hospital, Doha, Qatar ( 2016 )

Career achievements

  •   ISAKOS Chairman of the Leg, Ankle and Foot Committee (2015-2019)
  •   ISAKOS Board Member Program Committee (2015-2017)
  •  ESSKA Board Member Program Committee ( 2016-2018)
  •   FIFA F-MARC Board Member since 2010 ( 400+ f-marc publications,
  •  Aspetar Handball Men`s World Cup 2015 Medical Officer ( Head of Surgery )
  •  Aspetar Cycling World Championships 2016 Medical Officer ( Head of Surgery )
  •  Board Member Medical Committee of the  Belgian National Football Association ( since 2008 )
  •  2016, newly appointed Vice-President of the Aspetar Infection Control Committee
  •   Member of the Medical Staff of Brugge Football Club ( 1995 – 2012, 7 years Youth A-Team, 10 years A-team )
  •  Editorial Board Member to the Scientific Journal JISAKOS, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders and Aspetar Journal
  •  Reviewer for American Journal of Sportsmedicine (AJSM),  British Journal of Sportsmedicine (BJSM) and JISAKOS.
  •  Medical Lawyer for the Flemish Anti-Doping Tribune