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MD Michel D'Hooghe

Foto Dr Dhooghe
President Medical Commission FIFA – UEFA


The medical evolution around football
Closing conference

Short CV

Dr  Michel D’Hooghe is a man with a double life : a medical life and a football life. In many occasions, both lives followed the same road.

 After his medical specialisation in physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine

- he was Head of the Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in AZ St-Jan, Bruges (1977 – 2010)

- he directed the medical service of Club Brugge (1972 – 1987),

- he was President of the Belgian Professional League (1981 – 1987),

- President of the Belgian Football Association (1987 – 2001), and, finally

- President of Club Brugge (2003 – 2009), his own club.

 On international level, he was Member of the FIFA Executive Committee (1988 – 2016) and, during the same period, Chairman of the Medical Committee of FIFA and UEFA.

 As President of Brucosport, he organised, with his team, 30 international congresses of sports medicine in Bruges, Belgium.